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Pennsylvania is the home to many popular colleges and universities that are aspired to be a part of by a huge number of students worldwide. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe it has become increasingly convenient to take up online courses since many students finds it difficult to move across states and countries. Pennsylvania has 14 state universities, 14 public community colleges, and 120 private universities.

Many of these universities offer online undergraduate and post graduate programs in a wide range of fields of study. Factors like affordability, average placement salary, student satisfaction and student outcome play in huge role in determining if a college is worth attending. Since the state offers many such college and universities, deciding the right one for yourself might be a daunting task. Below is a list of the best online colleges in Pennsylvania from you to pick and choose from.

1. Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

Pennsylvania State University is in great demand among students. It offers around 150 online courses. These include undergraduate and doctoral programs. Some of the more notable courses include Bachelor’s in recreation and tourism management, bachelor’s in turfgrass management and a bachelors in biobehavioral health. This university accepts transfer credits and the length and cost of the courses opted decreases with more credit points. Undergraduate degrees start at $567 per credit.

2. Duquesne University

Duquesne University is located in Pittsburgh. Some of the notable undergraduate online courses offered are in the areas of philosophy, nursing and leadership. Admission requirements include essays, letters of recommendation and resume. The cost for online programs is same as that for offline programs.

3. Saint Francis University

SA University’s online program offers students an undergraduate degree online. The most notable courses offered are in the field of business, healthcare, and human services. Applicants are expected to submit resumes and transcripts. The cost for undergraduate online programs tuition starts from around $500 per credit.

4. Slippery Rock University

Located in Butler country, Pennsylvania, this University offers online graduate and undergraduate programs. Courses in the fields of management, nursing, philanthropy, liberal arts are popular. The programs are fairly affordable than most other universities state and yet offer a high average graduate salary. Applicants are expected to submit their transcripts and essay as admission requirements.

5. Cairn-University

Cairn University is located in Langhorne and is a private university. The notable fields of study include business administration, biblical studies, and sport management. The graduate tuition fee starts from $600 while the undergraduate tuition fee starts around $430 per credit. Applicants are expected to have transcripts, ACT or SAT scores along with an essay as admission requirements.

6. Chatham University

Chatham university is located in Pittsburgh and started as a women’s only college which is now co-ed. Chatham offers Integrated programs which include a bachelor’s and master’s degree combined in five years. These online programs are available for graduates as well as undergraduates. The University is known for accepting few students as compared to other universities. Applicants are expected to provide their SAT scores, transcripts as well as essay as admission requirements.

7. Villanova University

Villanova University is Pennsylvania’s older Catholic University. Some of the most notable online programs include doctor of nursing practice, Master in church management, and master in sustainable engineering. Undergraduate applicants are expected to submit Transcripts and essays whereas graduate applicants are expected to submit Transcripts, GRE scores, LORs, and a statement of purpose as admission requirements.

8. Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph’s University is a private institute located in Philadelphia. The university offers one online undergraduate program which is a bachelor of liberal studies in general studies. Eight online certificate programs are also offered along with eight master’s programs. These programs are in the fields of health, criminal justice, administration, etc. The fees for graduate programs begin from around $800 while the figure for undergraduates is $550.

9. Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University offers a variety of courses that are available completely online. These courses are in the fields of health, business, criminal justice, tourism management, nursing, leadership, etc. Some of the graduate programs include health service administration and engineering management. RMU’s online programs are some of the top-rated programs in the country.

10. West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Located in West Chester, this university offers a variety of courses including MBA, and master’s degree in education and community resources, and human resources, all online. The doctoral degrees offered by the university in online mode include doctor of nursing practices and doctor of public administration. Other fields in which students are offered graduate programs include physical education, industrial and organizational psychology, and special education.


The state of Pennsylvania has many great colleges which offer courses that are very crucial in certain career paths. The above list of the best ten online colleges in Pennsylvania offer an insight into all these colleges to help you pick the best one for yourself.

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